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This website aims to support the private sector service providers to get their clinics approved for provision of Comprehensive Abortion Care services and report on the service provided Abortion Scenario in India Abortion is acknowledged as an important component of women’s reproductive health and rights globally. The national reproductive maternal newborn child health plus adolescent RMNCH+A framework also accords due importance to ensuring safe abortion services for women in the continuum of care approach. However, this is one area of women’s health and rights that need focused attention to improve health outcomes. 

In India, unsafe abortions endanger the lives of 40 lakh women every year, damage the health and future fertility of thousands, and cause a preventable death every two hours. The national Sample Registration System estimates that 8 of all maternal deaths are related to complications of unsafe abortions. A chronic dearth of trained providers to deliver safe abortion care and widespread lack of knowledge on the part of women, their families, key community members, and even some health-care providers about India’s abortion law and where to find services causes this grim reality to persist year after year. It is a recognized fact that almost all abortion-related deaths are preventable when performed by a qualified provider using correct techniques under sanitary conditions. Still thousands of women continue to die each year in our country and many more face life long injuries as a result of lack of safe abortion services. This is despite the fact that abortions are governed by a liberal abortion law that has been in effect from 1971. Easy availability and accessibility to safe abortion services is one of the remedies to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality, which can be achieved through extensive and effective implementation of the MTP Act.

Every Two Hours in India, a Woman Dies from an Unsafe Abortion

Each year, 19 million to 20 million women risk their lives to undergo unsafe abortions, conducted in unsanitary conditions by unqualified practitioners or practitioners who resort to unsafe means.
Through this website, UP NHM is supporting private service providers to get their clinics approved for provision of Comprehensive Abortion Care services.